Patient Engagement and Supportive Services

CHJI Support Services Inc., offers individuals with patient advocacy and referral information for cancer services accessible in the community, for the ones looking to learn more either newly diagnosed, under treatment and survivors.

Facing cancer is habitually life-threatening. There are many more survivors than mortalities; a cancer diagnosis can often be treated or managed resulting in cure durable remission, or long-term management.

CHJI can help you by:

  • Help you understand your diagnosis and PSA results.
  • Help you understand more about side effects during/after treatment.
  • Help you with navigating the prostate cancer referral system.
  • Provide cancer-focused guidance.
  • Help you improve communication with your medical team and loved ones.
  • Provide you with resources available in your community.
Patient Engagement Specialists

CHJI professional patient engagement specialist, work with the mission to identify and reduce the challenges that individuals with prostate cancer are having when seeking care for their disease. Each team member strives to make a difference in the lives of every patient we serve, to allow more time to focus on medical recovery, to reduce stress, frustration, and to ensure quality care. Working alongside patients and/or their loved ones, we gladly provide support in some of the most difficult challenges.

Patient Engagement Specialist will ensure a timely access to and coordination of medical care and services that support health outcomes for the prostate cancer patient. Patient engagement and supportive services are provided at no cost to patients in need. Services include: Linkages and referrals, advocacy, care coordination assistance, regular contact with medical provider and patient, referrals to community resources and social activities health permitted. 

Please contact us for more information and eligibility for services.

Educational Presentations

Our services include Educational Presentations facilitated by topic-matter experts. Topics from medical, nutritional, cancer treatments to alternative care help members learn new skills and obtain pertinent information to make informed decisions and communicate more effectively with their medical providers, family members. These presentations are open to the public of all abilities.

Support Groups

CHJI support groups are facilitated by professionals in different fields of expertise. Through this group, individuals are able to explore and share feelings and experiences related to their cancer circumstance such as living with cancer at any stage.


Partners Against Prostate Cancer Support Group: Monthly meetings are open to wives/partners. Whether your loved one was just diagnosed, or is suffering from end-stage disease, these support group will welcome you with open arms, help you with information regarding this disease and most importantly support you on this difficult time.

Social Activities

CHJI feels that no one should face cancer alone. CHJI activities bring families, friends, and the entire community together to bring support, to reduce feelings of isolation and build stronger relationships.

The L.I.Z.Z.Y. CARES Jr Board Initiative

Elizabeth Abramson our Founder’s daughter, after learning her dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, had the idea of creating an initiative for teens and created “L.I.Z.Z.Y.  CARES”, which means: Leading Incredible Zestful Zealous Youth. Wanting to help other kids that their Dad or a love one is suffering from prostate cancer. Lizzy wants to bring a message of hope and support, feels no kid with a parent going through cancer should do this alone! 

The mission of the Junior Board is to assist and promote the efforts of CHJI through the following activities:

  • CHAMPION: Create and promote Prostate Cancer awareness among the community.
  • ADVOCATE: Connect resources for recipients of L.I.Z.Z.Y. CARES group/activities.
  • FUNDRAISE: Organize and support fundraising events that will benefit kids with a love one with prostate cancer or any other cancer.
  • NETWORK: Join like-minded young teens supporting other kids with a love one with prostate cancer or any other cancer.

The Junior Board offers a chance to help children, make a difference in the community, develop, and utilize your skills – and have fun while doing it!

The L.I.Z.Z.Y. Cares (Leading Incredible Zestful Zealous Youth) /Jr. Board Members

The Jr. Board Members is a group of dedicated young High School students who are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals touched by cancer and their families. The mission of the Jr. Board is to promote awareness in the community it serves through initiatives and activities.

Interested in Becoming a L.I.Z.Z.Y Care Jr. Board Member?

Contact us for information about becoming a Jr. Board member and/or submit an application form.