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What to do if you just got diagnosed with Prostate Cancer:

  • Inform yourself with information about Prostate Cancer. 
  • Inform of your diagnosis to your significant other (wife, partner, friend)
  • Check with your health insurance on coverage.
  • Request a copy of your biopsy report, testing results, doctors’ notes, and diagnosis.
  • Start calling specialists to schedule with surgeons, radiotherapists & oncologists. Get a 2nd or even a 3rd opinion.
  • The day of your appointment don’t forget to bring all of your medical records: from your PSA results to MRI’s, any medical evaluation and notes from providers.
  • Make a list of any and all questions you have for the doctor and, make sure to request a copy of the medical visit noted for your own personal records.
  • Bring someone with you, extra hears are always helpful.
  • Make sure to be part of a support group.
Other resources for Prostate Cancer Patients:
Financial Assistance for patients with cancer and those that are underinsured:
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Transportation Resources:
Movement & Exercise:
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