Love & Care Food Box

For many individuals after cancer surgery or radiation means spending time with family, attending medical follow up appointments. Often means days without breakfast, lunch, or dinner and little or no food at home. Sadly, for tens of thousands cancer adults’ patients in Orange County NY and vicinity counties. means going hungry. The epidemic of hunger affects a high number of individuals of all different ages in towns throughout Orange County NY.

CHJI Support Services Inc., is looking to serve hungry individuals of all abilities by providing them with a take home food box to keep them nourished when food is not accessible. The “Love Care and Food Box” will contain foods that provide nutrients across the spectrum of wholesome meals and helps alleviate symptoms of chronic hunger.

The program targets families with a Prostate Cancer survivor or patient undergoing treatment, etc.   CHJI Support Services Inc., mission statement to fight hunger. Since its inception. CHJI distribution goal is to cover food insecurity.

Please fill out the Patient Consent & Verification Form and check our Love Care Box Program Product List* Contact us for information about the “Love Care and Food Box” and/or submit an application form at