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Our Mission

Cultivating Healing & Justice Initiative Support Services Inc. (CHJI) works with communities of all abilities by promoting prevention, education, and awareness to enhance health, to help manage individual’s health proactively, to empower men & women’s health and safety, to promote access to organic produce and food pantry to end hunger.


CHJI Support Services offers many different opportunities for individuals, companies, or groups to sponsor our programs & events. For more information about sponsorship opportunities get in touch with us today!


Prostate cancer is when abnormal cells form and grow in the prostate gland. Cancerous growth, such as prostate cancer, can spread(metastasize) to nearby organs and tissues such as the bladder or rectum, or to other parts of the body. Prostate cancer can be life threatening if it spreads far beyond the prostate (is metastatic).

Our Sponsors & Associations

  • Guidestar Bronze Transparency
  • Orange County Chamber of Commerce
  • reCreative + Co.

We support our veterans and first responders experiencing prostate cancer and their families.

Thank You to Our Sponsors & Partners We'd like to thank our major sponsors for the upcoming Sweetheart Cancer Screening 2024!